Wednesday, 18 June 2014


The blackbirds in our garden are on their second brood. It's 'cheep cheep cheep' every time the anticipated feast arrives in the form of a still squirming grub or a plump cherry (off our tree).

The parents are winging their way back and forth all day with these delectable offerings, scooping out the delights from the other end and beginning to look rather ragged as their offspring swell and burst into feathery bloom.

It's incredible to watch - the last batch was 3, these are 5. Pray that they all make it through and we will see generations more of these glossy birds, and that the poor creatures won't have to shout above the ever increasing traffic so much that they get sore throats.

(disclaimer: I don't know if blackbirds get sore throats, but I do know that the traffic is increasing. Really, ee want more birds and less traffic. Sadly it's unlikely at the moment..)

This is testimony to the huge importance of quiet spaces in gardens where things can live and nest undisturbed - now that our countryside farmland has become a deserted factory. The most life I have seen in these barren fields is a crop of plastic looking plants, a plastic looking tractor and a (plastic looking?) farmer driving said tractor. 

Thriving natural eco system? Only in gardens, get one while you can!