I love love love doing creative shebang. Taking photos, ruining canvases, drawing my way through the entire stock of hobbycraft sketch pads - or on old envelopes if I can't find anything else - making stuff out of papier mache, clay, sticks, broken pencils, recycled cereal boxes; making paint out of tree sap and sticking play dough into places it really shouldn't go and cutting up 277 magazines to make 1 collage. 

But this sort of thing (and much more besides) makes me very happy! 

So if you think I might be able to put my, ahem, skills to good use and create something interesting for you,your company,do contact me and let me know. 

Just a note, I'm all about wildlife, plants, animals etc. but I don't go a bundle on much else to be honest. I do things for good causes.