Friday, 3 October 2014

Return of the Unicorns

Unicorns. Maybe you're reading that with scorn, with weary here-we-go-to-wishy-washy-fantasyland-again boredom or perhaps just plain curiosity about what that has to do with the real world.

Whether you believe in unicorns or not, you can't deny the mythology. (Well, stories, because 'mythology', if you DO believe in them - is somewhat of a contradiction).

Unicorns are in the sea ('white horses' on the waves) in the sky ('unicorn horn clouds') and deep in our psyche as magical creatures. Unicorn horn saved people from poison and deadly illnesses, kept them safe from enemies and prolonged their lives. Unicorns appear in the tales of King Arthur, medieval stories and all kinds of legends. They crop up as symbols of purity, rarity and secrecy.

But possibly the best incarnation of the unicorn is the universal belief that they are here, even if just in our imagination, to motivate us to put power and effort into good things that make the world a better place.
Here to guide us and help us to make a positive difference and heal the scars of misunderstanding and misuse.
I find it a laughable concept that something 'in your head' isn't real. Your head's real, right? So what's in it should be! I mean, that's a bit like looking at a glass of water and saying only the glass is real. Or that it's a glass of water, but the particles IN the water can't be there because you can't see them.

Regardless of your view on the existence of such phenomena, you have come this far down this post so presumably you are not actually a unicornaphobe, or you would have exhibited more definite symptoms by now.
Thus you might enjoy my latest drawings. If I can draw something that looks vaguely like a unicorn, that's real enough for me. Real enough for me to hope that, with all our efforts, and lots of unicorns - even 'just in our heads' - we can throw some light on this crazy world and bring some peace to everybody.

Namaste : D

PS: these pictures are small. There are two more on the way to make up the full set, 5 element unicorns. If you like the idea, drop me a virtual envelope through the contact page. I'll rabbit on about most things, so don't hesitate to say hi : )