Sunday, 11 May 2014

Gotta love Spring!

I have seen loads of birds in the garden… and we have a blackbird nest! 

And just as I was thinking there must be a reason for all the hedgehog poo all over the lawn, lo and behold there's the hedgy himself! 

And all the blossom! And the green everything! And the crazy weather! And the exclamation marks!

It's lucky people have gardens, I think most wildlife would be lost without them. It struck me the other day that you go on to farmland and it's like visiting a factory, not walking in the countryside. Where are the bugs?? And the flowers? And everything alive?

I've seen more wildlife on a roundabout.

Thankfully, people do seem to be becoming more aware of all this, but it's slow, slow, slow. I hope we can change things before we have to start incubating bee larvae in our garden sheds and pollinating our flowerbeds by hand.

Which, might not even work, because we have NO IDEA what exactly bees are doing or whether plants could ever cope with a substitute. Maybe for a while, but for how long? 

Let's make sure we never have a 'silent spring'.